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Featured Author: Sri M

'M' is the epitome of secular harmony depicting an enlightened soul. He is at home in the lore of all religions and their innate mysticism. Thought born to Muslim parents, like Kabirdas, 'M' is deeply immersed in the teachings of yoga and Vedanta. He writes and paints when he is not otherwise engaged in teaching and serving underprivileged. Emulating the teachings of his guru, 'M' strongly asserts that one has to live like the lotus which, while growing in water and deriving its nourishment from it, still does not let the water wet its petals.

He lives quietly in a valley on the outskirts of Madanapalle a three hour drive from Bangalore, where he is available to all. The Satsang Foundation of which he is founder-president runs free primary schools for the villagers near his residence.

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