Gloom Behind the Smile

Gloom Behind the Smile


ISBN: 9788184653113
Language: English




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Written in a positive tone describes the struggle of a middle class Indian family to save their young son Shravan from the rigors of Cancer. Struggle lasts for fourteen years. Narrates the guts of the child who undergoes seven brain surgeries and allied treatment. Under Corporate umbrella how the family copes with achievements, career, cancer, desperation, despair, family, failures, helplessness, hope, motivation and success (ACCDDFFHHMS)- A must read for all.

It also describes the positive role played by the Corporate world and the Medical Fraternity in Indian environment. The book is full of fascinating idioms and phrases and also describes a real life experience of a chain-smoker giving up smoking.

The book is now catalogued in LIBRARY OF CONGRESS in Washington DC USA, AMES LIBRARY in University of Minnesota USA and LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES of Canada

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Publisher Shravan Charity Mission
ISBN 9788184653113
Publishing Date 23-Oct-2012
Language English
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